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Our Mission

A satisfied clientele is our asset and the right PERSONNEL is the most powerful and valuable asset of any company in the journey to success and excellence.

We work for both large and small companies with same degree of dedication and commitment. All clients have different needs but for the common feature - they want a professional, personalized quality service to hire the right person for the right job. That is what PMR stands for.

PMR is specialized in sourcing technical and engineering personnel for both “contract” and “permanent” positions to meet the needs of the fast growing hi-tech market as well as those of traditional engineering industry. In addition we offer in house consultancy and interim management solutions where short term challenges need to be dealt with quickly. We have established links with all sectors of the economy, at international levels. We place great emphasis on working on behalf of our clients to the highest standards of professional ethics and confidentiality. A high level of success in consultancy has been achieved by maintaining a close personal relationship with our clients and candidates, built on trust and regular contacts. Our objective is to provide a highly effective, personalized and professional service to meet the personnel needs of the fast developing financial and commercial centers globally.

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